The Choreography of Place

The Choreography of Place is achieved when the environment, built form and human activity intersect seamlessly. My approach to the design of architecture is to compose a structural object around a dance of life. Planning around this dance creates an environment where the surrounding elements harmonize with the tasks of my clients. I work to enable the occupants of the spaces I create to see, hear and feel what they want when they want; protecting them from distractions while framing their inspirations.

My architecture is based on the environment of each site and the programs of each client; on the inherent qualities of each material and on the requirements of each jurisdiction. I believe architecture is rewarding when the efficient and functional merge with the beautiful and inspirational. I plan for precise movement and arrange the visual perspectives to enhance the experience of the building users. The choreography extends to the technologies that make modern life comfortable and interconnected, and to the complex processes that are involved in creating habitable structures. The basis for my architecture is supporting the occupants at the ideal level for the task at hand. I want the dance to be comfortable yet stimulating. I design the space to be controlled yet invigorating.


Bahia de Los Angeles


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